Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

Our name says it all! 

photo 1Welcome to Affordable Lawn Sprinklers. Our company has been in the irrigation business since 1996, providing the highest quality sprinkler systems at prices you can afford.  We have extensive knowledge of and experience in all types of irrigation systems, including:

  • Hydraulic Electric Systems
  • P.V.C. Systems
  • Drip Irrigation (a “green”alternative)
  • Poly Systems

We are experts in irrigation system design, installation and maintenance.  We service all irrigation systems, whether we have installed them or not.  And we provide you with fast, courteous and convenient installation and service.

Our priorities are:

  • Water conservation
  • Even and full coverage
  • Honest and prompt customer service
  • Ensuring that you know what you are getting for your money

We are the irrigation company that other irrigation companies come to for help!

*"Sprinkler images are shown courtesy of Hunter Industries".

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