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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we get most frequently from our customers:

lawn sprinklerWhat are the components of a sprinkler system?

A sprinkler system waters your lawn efficiently by using sprinkler “heads” (either spray or rotary heads) that are placed in a geometric pattern around your lawn.  Because your lawn’s watering needs vary by location (sunny, shady, etc.), and to make the best use of your water pressure, the system is separated into “zones” that are controlled by electrical valves connected to a “controller” (a timer that turns your system on and off).  All of these parts work together and must be maintained to ensure that your lawn is always watered effectively.

How does a sprinkler system conserve water?
Water conservation is an important reason for an automatic irrigation system. A properly installed and maintained sprinkler system ensures total coverage, correct water distribution, proper timing,and calibration so that water is used as efficiently as possible. We recommend early morning watering for best water conservation.  This is because there is adequate time for the water to penetrate the ground and evaporate; the wind is calmer and thus has less effect on water distribution; and water pressure is at its peak.  It also minimizes the development of fungus and mildews that can come from watering late in the day. 

What kind of “green” alternative can I use for watering?

Drip irrigation, used to augment sprinkler systems, is a method of conserving water by putting the water right where it is most needed, at the plants’ roots.  It is best used for outdoor potted plants, hanging plants, vegetable gardens, specimen plants and bedded plantings where precision watering is required.  Keeping plant leaves dry also avoids the spread of disease.

Should I have a rain sensor?

Yes, we strongly recommend them.  One of the best means of saving water and extending the life of your sprinkler system is to use a rain sensor, so that your system does not operate when Nature does. We can install and maintain the accuracy of rain sensors as part of your total irrigation system.

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